CME activities in the Middle East

On August 29th 2012 Benecke organized together with the Saudi Heart Association the ESC Webcast. During this live video conference participants in Riyadh were informed about the highlights of ESC Cogress in Munich by the KOLs Prof dr. Ferrari, Prof dr  Lips and Prof dr Van Royen.

Interested the ESC Webcast? Please contact us for more information about this event.

Benecke international

Since 1985 Benecke, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, facilitates contacts in the health care sector by developing and offering customized medical information for healthcare professionals. Recently Benecke shares her expertise on a structural basis with international stakeholders in the health sector. Currently Benecke also facilitates educational programmes for physicians in the Middle East.

Benecke portfolio

On the Benecke website you will find our extensive portfolio of training formats, including international course weeks, reviews, TeleReviews®, symposia, workshops, refresher courses and online education programmes like live webcasts and individual e-learning modules. You can also find a selection of the various medical publications that the publishing department of Benecke produces for healthcare professionals. Please feel free to explore our website!

More information?

For more information about the numerous possibilities that Benecke offers please contact our Business Development Department.



All the educational programs that Benecke offers are accredited, ensuring that all of these programs meet high quality standards. Our international events have been accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the European Board for Accreditation in Cardiology and the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe.

Independent Advisory Board

The content of all our educational programs are carefully monitored by an Independent  Medical Advisory Board to ensure the independency of our programs. This board is especially selected for every program and consists out of a group of medical specialists in a relevant field.

Key Opinion Leaders

Benecke operates with an international network of key opinion leaders (KOLs). These KOLs monitor the quality of the content of the educational programs that Benecke offers and provide insight in the lastest scientific developments in various medical fields.

Small to large scale meetings

Benecke organizes educational programs in a variety of formats,  from small scale to large scale events. Every format can be customized to the educational objectives required.

Reviews: Seminars in which a team of opninion leaders present the highlights of major international conferences shortly after the conference has taken place.

TeleReviews®: Advanced meetings in which experts present scientific highlights of a congress from the congress location to several different locations through multimeeting videoconferencing.

Study days: one-day meeting in which one specific topic within a medical field is fully explored. 

Symposia: Meetings in which 5 to 8 medical experts present the latest scientific developments in a particular medical field. 

Workshops: Small scale meetings with 30 to 35 participants in which specfic skills and clinical topics, but also non clinical topics such as patient communication and interpretation, are explored.

Personalized education

In addition to our educational events, Benecke also offers personalized education programs. These programs are offered online, which allows the participant to follow the program at any time and place.

Online education courses: interactive online educational programs with relevant casuistry that consists out of several modules on different topics within a specific medical field and contain relevant casuistry

Webcasts: Benecke organizes both live and on-demand webcasts: presentations that are presented in a special web environment and can be supported with PPT slides.

Continuous Medical Education (CME)

Benecke offers continuous medical education in the form of continua: educational platforms that provide a continuous supply of high quality and accredited postgraduate education. Within a continuum various essential training formats are combined to achieve the desired educational objectives.

Medical Magazines

In close collaboration with several scientific and professional associations Benecke publishes several medical magazines. The IMID magazine, about immune-mediated inflammatory diseases, is one of our latest magazines.


Benecke continously works on the publishing of high quality books for medical professionals.

Congress reports

Benecke offers congress reports of educational events that have occured. In these reports the presentations of speakers of a certain event are combined in a special congress issue.

Rheumatology Academy

mARCH 1-4, 2016 | CaRDIFF & CAMBRIDGE, UK | RHEUMATOLOGy ACADEMY Benecke, together with Cambridge and Cardiff Universities, is developing educational services for rheumatology health professionals. The ''Rheumatology Academy'' takes place in Cardiff, March 1st & 2nd and in Cambridge, March 3rd & 4th. Click here for the agenda. 

Masterclass HER2 positive breast cancer

SEP 2013- FEB 2014 | saudi arabia | Masterclass 2013 Benecke together with Roche organizes a series of webcasts and 1 live meeting about breast cancer, with several international experts.

Online Haemophilia modules

2013 | Saudi Arabia | Online modules
Benecke together with NovoNordisk, Saudi Arabia is developing 6 online modules about haemophilia.

Cardiometabolic update

2013-2014 | SAUDI ARABIA  | live meeting
Benecke together with Merck Serono organizes a live meeting about the latest cardiometabolic developments. Presented by international experts.